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Shona M. Dennis

Meet Shona M. Dennis

Married & Mother of 3 US Army War Veteran/ Traveled to 13 foreign countries as Army female lead vocalist in the overseas band Singer/Songwriter Holds 2 degrees Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Divinity w/concentration in Counseling Published Author “God Is A Behaviorist” (Amazon) CEO and founder of Let’s Meet At The Well Network LLC a speaking, teaching, educating, and preaching platform. The network takes into account our humanness, life experiences, and life narratives, and engages all of that with good holistic knowledge resources in the world and the Word of God for holistic life well-being. Shona is a Brand Authority Ambassador and Culture Add for the Kingdom of God. An anointed cutting-edge thought leader for the kingdom of God gifted and empowered to socialize scripture to a social world making the Word of God relevant to the lives of everyday people. As an Educator she understands there is a wealth of activation waiting to be tapped into people’s lives when they hear, believe, and practice.

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