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Meet Dr. Chantée Eldridge

Dr. Chantée Eldridge is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and most importantly, child of God. She is a member of Purpose of Life Ministries in Indianapolis, IN, under the leadership of David W. Greene, Sr., M.Div, and has served in various capacities during her time in the congregation (intercessory prayer, Christian Education, and writing original works of arts for the drama ministry). Dr. Eldridge has facilitated vision-setting courses, and before joining Purpose of Life Ministries, working with youth and elementary aged-children on teaching foundational Christian principles. A native of Denver, Colorado, Dr. Eldridge grew up in the AME Zion church, where activism and community were central to her faith. By profession, she is a chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer for a national social impact organization and is married to Rev. Joseph Eldridge of Brownsburg, Indiana.

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