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How to help a struggling soul

As ministers with gifts, and those that are working within the fivefold ministry, we need to know how to help those that require healing and restoration.

Praise the Lord, everyone. I'm Minister Genell Goodman with Soul Restoration Ministries, and I'm writing this post in hopes we can all come together to share our ideas, thoughts, and advice on this topic. As we seek to do God's will, we're finding many of the souls we run into are dealing with some form of crisis.

One of the brothers in your church recently lost his wife to covid. Your next-door neighbor's fifteen-year-old son committed suicide last night. Your best friend's husband cheated, or your mother was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.

With how fast this world is declining, most of us know someone who is in some sort of crisis right now, whether the crisis is small or great, the constant cycle of catastrophe is becoming all too familiar to the majority of us.

So, when a person is at a critical point in their life, it is sometimes hard to find the right words to say or to know exactly what to do to give that person strength and hope that things will get better.

My Most Common Reactions

My first reaction is to actively listen to what that individual has to say. Many times the hurting soul just needs to unload the heavy weight they're carrying. When I'm listening to the person, I make it point to be engaged and empathetic. A person can feel when you're superficially concerned. If you love God, your heart will be in it, because every soul is important to God, therefore that soul should be important to you.

When the person is done speaking, I'll quickly repeat some of the parts they told me that stood out to me. Paraphrasing the person's story will emphasize the fact I listened and I heard what they said, and I truly care. While I'm listening to the person, I also listen for God to give me a scripture or a word for that individual. If I don't hear anything from God, I will encourage them with a personal story of my own, or a story from the bible that can be used as an example of God's mercy, grace, love, understanding, and forgiveness. My goal is to give that individual hope in God. God will do the rest.

Depending on how severe the person's situation is, I will also stand in the gap and "Believe" God for them until they get to a place where they can believe in God for themselves. My life experiences have taught me there are times when all you can do is stand. If I have the money and they're hungry or in need of a necessity, I will give them what I have, and sometimes what I don't have. I do what I feel God's telling me to do.

If the person is a new soul, I'm there for them. I make myself available even when I'm not available. Most babies learn to crawl before they walk.

What are some of the things you do to help a soul in crisis?

I could continue listing the things I do to help souls because of course I haven't cracked the surface yet, however, I'd like to give you the reader a chance to share your thoughts and ideas. Your advice can help someone.

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