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Suffering in Silence

Suffering in silence is what many do. We say that only God may judge, but many do so and turn away from a struggling person in the greatest time of need. With this understanding, the people in need would rather turn to worldly simplifications than speak to another person and be judged. Simplifications may be drugs or connections with people, or things, that defile our spiritual essence. Unfortunately, the guise of simplification yields momentary false solace from our difficult reality. The perceived value of that false solace remains sought in place of a lasting solution. But what is the solution? With current understanding, it comes in 6 parts.

1) Be accountable for your actions and words

2) Accept your reality

3) Determine your reason for being

4) Understand the connection between your temple(body) and your reason for being

5) Understand your growth potential and what you can change

6) Talk to God

Come as a dear child willing to learn. Be honest and don't hide or lie. It may feel weird at first, but speaking to the Ultimate is nothing to be ashamed of. If you're on the fence, be sure to primarily follow steps 1-5. Remember that you speak to and seek who is omnipotent. An all-knowing and all-encompassing being is ultimately understanding of those who are bound by flesh. The flesh is 3-dimensional in physicality and multi-dimensional in energy. Simplistically speaking, God understands and judges you according to your heart and actions. Be not afraid of this process. Be the best you can be, and lean on God.

Mathew 24:13 - But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

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